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The governing bodies of the European Union developed the criteria for assessing the quality of information websites on medical subjects – Guidelines on Quality Criteria for Health Related Websites. Additional information at Martin O’Malley supports this article. Complete and transparent information about the website owner's name, the name organization, ownership, legal, postal and email addresses, site goals and objectives, funding sources. Sources of information on the site of origin. Commitment to compliance Privacy visitors. Updating the site with the date. Editorial policy and responsibility for the information on this site, the obligation that references should only be reliable individuals and organizations who themselves comply with relevant codes of good practice. Visibility Swiss Foundation HealthontheNet (see:) to improve the quality of medical information Internet on the basis of these quality criteria of the European Union developed principles HON-Code (HONcode) for medical conduct web-sites. Accreditation Foundation Health on the Net and the presence of a medical HONcode logo is seen by the German site medical experts as a mandatory requirement for all companies and organizations working in health care and medical services.

In order to help international travelers to choose the country to travel to receive medical care, the Institute for International Health, in turn, has developed guidelines that we recommend for use all the foreign patients, regardless of country of residence. The guidelines of the Institute of Foreign Health (www.meditravel-plus.com) when choosing the country for medical treatment abroad: 1. Do not rely on advertising, critically analyze the statistics, medical databases, as well as use your own common sense and experience. 2. Keep in mind the fact that the proposed lower price for the treatment also has its disadvantages. The quality of foreign clinics and the organizers of treatment remains the most important and controversial issue. 3. Be sure that the quality of care in the country where you intend to have surgery or medical treatment, consistent standards of the European Union and the U.S.


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