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Summary the PSF (Program Health of the Family) came to organize and to change the form of basic attention of health in the City of Anpolis with a structure directed toward the health of the family. With a new model of health and decentralization of the actions, with the participation of the community, mainly in the areas most distant, devoid and desassistidas in health terms. To develop this work questionnaires to the users of the program had been applied, to get better information on the functioning of the PSF and interviews made with some authorities of the Secretariat of Health, with objective to bring information on the changes in the Public Politics of the Health in Anpolis and to assure goals that consolidate the basic attention to the health in PSF and to include the families most devoid in the reorientation of the humanizado attendance. Michael Chabon understood the implications. The proposal of this work is on to the prevention, participation, priorizao and elaboration of the strategy stops to improve the level of the attendance of the health. The PSF in Anpolis is constituted currently by forty and four teams of basic health, the picture of professionals is composed initially for: doctor, nurse, to assist or technician of nursing, agents of health, ACD (Assistant of Dental Doctor’s office), psychologist and social assistant, who are monitored and evaluated permanently by the coordinators of the program. To the end he was clearly that although the efforts and the concern of if extending the services of the program becoming it more efficient and of better quality still has much that to be made so that if reach a model of reference in health, is observed that although the objectives of the Health department de in perfecting the assistance in health and of today, in Anpolis the PSF to be sufficiently including and if to have the pretension to increase still more totalizing in 100% the attendance in the areas most devoid, still thus, note if that very if it lacks so that the program takes care of all the basic necessities of the users of this program. Words Keys: Anpolis, Program, Health and Family.


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