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This work is part of a study considered referring to them disciplines of Planning and Management in health and process of Work in health of the Family. With this study they will be boarded the importance of the process of work in the strategy of health of the family (ESF) for the management in health in the Primary attention to the health (APS) of the SUS, with confrontation of the problems, possibilities and limitations of the interventions. 2. THEORETICAL RECITAL In way to the crisis in the Health Publishes appears to the strategy of Health of the family pointing with respect to changes in the attention to the health as axle that reorients the practical ones in health and considers reorganization of a new logic of making and knowing. (ARAUJO. M.S.S and RODRIGUES. M.P 2007). The primary attention considers integral attention to the individual, strengthening that the actions of promotion, protection and recovery of the health do not have to occur of disarticulated form.

(IT HISSES, COCEIRO, FELIX, 2007). Primary attention in health is the first contact of the family, individual and community with the national system of health, consisting the continuity of the attention process the health. According to Archanjo, the Program Health of the Family aims at to the completeness of the attention the health, pautado in the multiprofessional teams that act in the construction of the care in health. The PSF (Program Health of the Family) has been a with priority strategy of attention to the health in the Brasil.focalizado in a familiar and communitarian base of one determined territory. This is a system compromised to the population that objective the reorganization it practises assistencial, with interventions that go beyond the practical curativas (BRAZIL, 2006). It is a strategy that modifies the installment logic the assistance, and provokes internal transformations in the system (MENDES, 1996). The Program Health of the Family this in accordance with the basic principles of the SUS, the universalizao, completeness and participation of the community, pointing with respect to a strategy that constructs to the health in equality and social solidarity, this search, has been one of the subjects main pontuado by the teams of Health of the Family, in which the cities intensify pacts and create arrangements for the integration of the system (ABRAHO 2007).


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