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Haribo – The Story Of The First German Fruit Gum Manufacturer

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What company is it has the history of Gummi Bears. The history of gummy bears actually starts at Hans Riegel, the founder of Haribo. Hans Riegel was born on April 3, 1893 in Friesdorf in Bonn. After he had completed the school, bolt trained as a candy maker. However, after about five years, he left the training company KLEUTGEN & Meier and worked afterwards in Osnabruck. in 1920 he became finally independent and founded the firm of Haribo in Bonn. As one can probably already guess is the name of the company for Hans Riegel of Bonn.

The history of the only seed capital of Haribo was a bag of sugar. With minimal equipment Hans Riegel started then, alone in a purchased House in Bonn, which now served as a factory to produce its fruit gums. Two years later the first breakthrough, at least historically, that bars invented the forerunner of today’s Gummibarchens, the dancing bears. During the second world war produced many Haribo Fruit gums, as the company suffered from shortage of raw materials. Hans Riegel did not live to see the great success of his company, because unfortunately he died in 1945, at the age of only 51. After a brief tour of the company bolt wife, sons took over the helm at Haribo, Hans, Paul, after they returned from war captivity.

While she forces divided so, Hans bars junior took over the representation of the company while his brother Paul Riegel was responsible for the product development and R & D. The two brothers successfully spearheaded Haribo over decades and turned the Gummi Bears manufacturer into a very successful family business! Meanwhile, Haribo has 6000 employees and sells the fruit gums in over 100 countries. Fruit gums there are spin-off now in many different shapes, flavors and sizes (for example in confectionery Paradies.de). After Paul Riegel surprisingly died on August 3, 2009 and Hans Riegel is now over 80 years old, is now decided the business succeeded.


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