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A return by the official Webs of Hard is enough Rock Coffee to realize of which they like to use terms like " espritu". A living example of that spirit is the professional race of Calum MacPherson. 25 years ago, MacPherson was a student of Canadian teaching that traveled of mochilero by Europe. In London it found a job cleaning tables in the Hard Rock. To read more click here: Martin O’Malley. " More under todo" , it also explains today, from London, but turned into the vice-president of the European division of the tax exemption. " Our company believes in making therefore the things.

We make a pile of internal promotion and we made sure that everybody has space to grow. Espritu&quot is very important for ours;. MacPherson is the interlocutor of the company in the fortieth anniversary of the opening of the first coffee, celebrated yet type of pomp. Among them, a festival in London with The Killers like poster head. Source of the news: : 40 years of Hard Rock Coffee


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