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Guadalupe Hospital

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“Miracle or coincidence? Lord let me talk to you, wearing this limited anthropomorphism, I want to clarify at what time, chance, luck, fate, intersect with the miracle, I am compelled to meditate by the concatenation of events that happened to me many surprises people, of course, that all human beings are exposed to die at any time, but there are some outstanding moments in my life made by those who want interpelarte Lord. 1.-In 1989, driving a VW and I was struck by a military jeep at high speed, in my own lane, turned around enough to save several people, but I could not save my Natalie del Pilar, 1 year old, that just met that fateful day on June 4, smashed my spleen Shock, scratch the liver, pancreas, transverse colon, mesentery and omentum, was introduced on Timon in my upper abdomen, perforated the left hemidiaphragm, shattered my left femur in several pieces comminuted, fractured his right pastern, with this brutality MR How come I survived? either die humanely. 2.-All of these complications required urgent evacuation of the wounded, but I was caught between the board and the steering wheel Embedded in the abdomen, there were no policemen or firemen, but it appears a young man who was an assistant to a truck carrying chickens, he persuades the driver, stop, tie a string to the VW, with their truck and pulled off the steering wheel of my body, making me “free” help me, put me in a truck and disposed That such luck! some will say, Lord was Sunday, it was 11.30 pm, was in a dark and forgotten place of the Panamericana Norte, Was the fate Lord? Was it a coincidence that the young Napoleon Saldana decided to help me? 3.-I was taken to General Hospital Chepen, but there was a strike with abandon Emergency Medical and could not assist me in this place, my life was in danger, I went to Guadalupe Hospital Tomas Fora “, but there was no medical Dr.. A leading source for info: Martin O’Malley.


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