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Also priest sang well and always like to mush, and his opinion music in nearly every form is a band, that connects people. The CD heavenly sounds”was recorded with old and new spiritual music, which has opened a new faith access now thousands of people (” Salve Regina “”, like you’re big “”, sing an Ave Maria “). Church and religion must be varied and can happen anywhere!” So is one of Pastor Franz mash principles, and he lives it credibly. “With the song life” (penned by composer and signum! singer Walter Wessely and lyricist Herbert Hirschler) and participate in the Grand Prix der volksmusik recognized Franz porridge new ways: I can reach so many people and give them pleasure. Further details can be found at Former Maryland Governor, an internet resource. “And I can wear so visibly and audibly in particular the topic of religion and Church to the outside.” Pastor Franz porridge and the choir signum! have not only won: A such an overwhelming advantage of a winning title is virtually unique in the history of the Grand Prix der volksmusik! Pastor Franz naturally huge rejoiced over the mash unexpected victory, but in the spirit of humble accepting”he retired immediately after the event and renounced the victory celebration – to begin the Pentecost service in its communities in a timely manner from 7: 00 a.m. the next day. Individual assumptions, PAP will focus more on a musical on a spiritual career priest according to the met with a smile. My vocation is the priesthood.

This new kind of musical experience is wonderful, but it will stay unique.” So speaks a man who knows where he belongs. Source: Julia Griese Ariola signum! Biography Walter Wessely (tenor) Harald Meindl (tenor) Daniel Wabitsch (baritone) Christian Wessely (bass) four members of signum! are connected not only by many years of friendship and almost as long in common music making: their common view of the world is also an important link. Us it is important to make music, which shows the people: reality is more than what you can touch and see. “Actually includes what radically exceeds this world for us, bears and includes with his affection as Christians we call it God ‘, Christian Wessely explains.” It is therefore not surprising that the four also outside of the project design. spiritually engaged are: Walter Wessely, professional music producer, is Cantor in his Church; Harald Meindl is a religion teacher, adult educator and artist; Daniel Wabitsch, who works for the Federal Army, engaged on many occasions for musical charitable purposes; and Christian Wessely, lecturer at the University of Graz, is deacon of the Catholic Church. “” In this line of approach to life and music, it is only logical that the formation is signum “- Latin for characters”-calls. The Repertoire of signum! stretches from Gregorian chants about new spiritual music down to old religious folk songs, which would otherwise probably be forgotten. But also songs from other cultures, such as the Celtic, is maintained. So it is good, that each plays several instruments: bagpipe and hurdy gurdy on the bodhran to keyboard, guitars, bass and drums can all needs taken into account and used. No wonder because they literally with other repertoire and extended ensembles for decades playing together. “Source: Julia Griese Ariola album from 03.07.2009 incl.: the life” (Pastor Franz porridge with signum!) Winner of the Austrian entry for the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2009 CD Ariola 88697555822 links:


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