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Doing so hurt very much like Earth, that channel of communication so important towards our mother’s heart, and as they were unable to enter stopped something that it damaged even more. The representatives of the Governments know in some way that they are not welcome because they do not come with heart, do not really help, but with the desire to have more power. They don’t want your heart to tell them that the Earth is alive, that they are damaging, although if they feel it. Despite this, most can his ambition, so what they did in that cave was a chemical weapon to allow it contaminated everything and leave him in a deplorable state. If you would like to know more then you should visit John Mclaughlin. The idea is that this toxic entered until the bowels of the planet to damage it as revenge because they could not reach its centre.

They simply left this artifact in order to do evil. Click Con Edison to learn more. My Nintancito teacher told me very sad. A. He had to go to that place and see how suffering earth. Together with other teachers had to make a great ritual to try somehow to remove everything so that venom could not reach places where in fact damage it forever.

What’s inside the Earth? There are many theories that speak of what consists this planet, as saying that the Center is a magma that feeds the planet by layers, but for teachers is not so and some people of the Earth have tested it. Many centuries ago a person in Italy was very intrigued to know how the planet was formed. He dedicated his life to see what was in the interior of the Earth. He entered by caves and caverns, but never found an answer. However, near the end of his life said: my God, I have not managed to find what I want, because that which is inside is more important that what is outside, I know.


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