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Everything is in the vision have a life, your goals and what you do to achieve them, if you’re a person who does not like being tucked into one work more than 8 hours where tea limited to a robot for certain things only 30 days doing the same to receive a salary, have financial security, but you do not know what will last, I say this because I witnessed the purchase of a medium sized company by a big corporation, they left more than 200 people in less than a month, also heard the testimony of a person who was awarded as the best partner of the year in a multinational company in the month of August, and to everyone’s surprisethe month of November they liquidated him, thus said, you never feel safe or essential in a work, one learns from own experiences, we are stubborn and not listen to others. Almost a year ago I decided to start my business, I started looking for a good product, we gave him back with two friends, and came out a snack-based coconut, then we had to open market, started to look for the way to sell it, so started to distribute to our acquaintances, schools, neighborhood stores, etc. as the product was good we bought, then we decided to assemble a pilot plan for production and distribution in mass, and was there when we started to find obstacles: * get a credit of a private financial institution is very difficult and very high interest. Author often says this. * Get a credit of the Government, unfortunately you need a joystick if you want to exit unimpeded and, but spend the months y nisiquiera will tell you: not interested thank you. Without capital.-do not you can even boot, many people who reach this point are disillusioned and left his project aside, and many passes, which in a few months, another that was persistent, pull out your same idea and makes money. .


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