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Interpersonal relationship Is the relationship enters the individuals of a social, familiar or professional group, whose members are integrated around a common objective. In accordance with Good Success (1997, p.36) the valuation of the human being, the concern with feelings and emotions, and the quality of life is factors that make the difference. The work is the form as the man, on the other hand, interacts and transforms the environment, assuring the survival, and for another one, he establishes interpersonal relations, that theoretically would serve to strengthen its identity and the sense of contribution. Therefore we can say that the human behavior can be influenced by the organizacional climate and to affect the results of the companies. In the professional environment, the activities are shared by two or more people and have predetermined activities to be executed, as well as interactions and recommended feelings, such as: communication, cooperation, friendship and respect. (figure? 1) The interpersonal relationship can be harmonious and pleasant, allowing cooperation between the team, with integration of efforts or then to become tense, very conflitivo, disintegrating and dissolving the group. The people are products of the environment where they live, they have feelings and they in accordance with behave the set surround that them, either the physical space or social.

The foundation of the organizations is construido from the people who of them are part, and in the afflicted world where we live to the times not in them we give account of this. We pass more time in our environment of work of what in our home, it is important to be in a healthful environment, and this depends on each one of us. The companies value the personal and not only professional characteristics of its collaborators. In all work group people with greater or minor exist easiness to become related, and this becomes basic for the professional survival of the people, and in the search for one better chance, this can make the difference.


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