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The community4you GmbH emphasizes the importance of interfaces for fleet management systems that most larger companies use ERP systems for the management of internal and external resources and thus of finances, of the camp and accounting, through the implementation of software solutions that facilitate the flow of information and the connections to the outside world organize. To ensure smooth business processes, you must ensure the collaboration of all these systems through interfaces that allow these systems interact and exchange information. All products and solutions of the IT company community4you GmbH based on the own integration platform open ice so the self developed fleet management system comm.fleet. This will ensure the flexible adaptability to existing IT environments. Comm.fleet provides a standard interface to MS Office and SAP but also other external third-party systems, such as for example the petrol stations of all leading oil companies.

Specifically required interfaces can be individually for each company are easily generated. In addition, also standardized import and export modules enable rapid integration into existing system landscapes with little effort. The existence of such interfaces enormously simplifies the implementation of the fleet of management system comm.fleet and enables the efficient exchange of data and business processes. The community4you GmbH is interfaces for the fleet for a long time the importance of the issue management aware of and offers a comprehensive and powerful solution with comm.fleet for the management of vehicle fleets, tailored to the individual needs of each company.


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