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Global Energy Demands

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The global demands of energy had tripled since 1950 and must increase about 50% up to 2020, and the production of goods and services depends each time more than exhaustible and pollutant sources as fsseis fuels. bigger part of the world-wide consumption of energy is proceeding from fsseis fuels, main causers of the global heating and the effect greenhouse. The age of the oil will go to finish, not due to oil, but for the preservation of the civilization human being in a healthy planet, with the nature in balance? for the love or pain. It is not more possible to continue with the burning of enormous amounts of fsseis fuels, under gide of the economic growth. The economic growth unbalanced and different must be braked and to opt to social, economic and ambient the development sustainable. For reasons of energy security all the countries search power plants renewed, since the esteem reserves of oil last 40 years, of gas 60 years and coal 130 years.

It fits to the proper one human being to find alternative energy that must substitute the oil, and cleaner energy matrices are, despite slowly, being implemented in diverse countries, with the increasing use of sources you renewed. Plato said: ' ' the necessity is the mother of inveno' '. Brazil pose to be considered a model of visionary leadership in the growth process and sustainable development in its energy sector. Detainer of one of the cleaner energy matrices of the world, the country must assume a position of leadership in this new age of support, with local actions and global in favor of the expansion of the use of energies you renewed, by means of etanol and of biodiesel as commodities world-wide, produced of ambient and socially correct form, which is, without necessity of the deforestation, only with implantation of more efficient systems of management and development of tip technologies.


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