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Georg Brake Is The New Sales Manager

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Gunnewig hotels & restaurants in Dusseldorf: the Gunnewig hotels & restaurants have a new sales manager. Georg Brake joined October 1 into the guide of the privately owned company that operates nationwide nine hotels and the restaurant in the Dusseldorf Rhine Tower after a total 17-year tenure at Steigenberger hotels and resorts. Georg Brake should responsible for leading within the overall sales measures hotels & restaurants by Gagandeep in the rank of a Director. The 48-year-old is responsible, competent partner for major customers for the Organization and restructuring of the eight-strong sales team and is responsible for the trade fair appearances from then on. Con Edison often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the medium term I would like to back the brand both in the national and in the international market more in the foreground Gunnewig and make known”, so the hotel specialist to his future duties. While sales manager Georg Brake only to the operational business cares, has Managing Director Walter E. Check with John Mclaughlin to learn more. Niemoller now free back for the commercial and operational issues within the corporate management: I am delighted that we could find a pronounced sales professional for Gunnewig hotels & restaurants with Georg Brake. He is outwardly represented our company immediately and directly edit the market with his dedicated team.” Walter E. Niemoller keep hotels and restaurants after resolution of the shareholders meeting of sole Managing Director of Gunnewig. The 52-year old, MBA, who has worked for over ten years in the company, thus is responsible for the entire company. I am firmly convinced that the current solution is perfectly suitable for the trend-setting design of corporate governance.”


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