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General Stief

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It was from that time all the objects that the leader was going to visit, become exposed the most careful preliminary examination, and the Kremlin have got a rule to inspect for weapons briefcases and bags almost anyone … most little-known attempt refers to March 1943. The idea was simple: to blow up Hitler in his own plane during the flight, feigning an accident. To do this, the Chief of Staff of Army Group "Center" Colonel-General Henning von Treskov managed to convince Hitler that he should visit Eastern Front. And Hitler was going to fly in Smolensk. Before Hitler, in the second half of February in the ancient Russian city visited the head of the Abwehr, Admiral Canaris (went down in history under the nickname Sly Fox) and his group officers. Among them was a senior intelligence official, Hans von Dohnanyi.

He is secretly (but probably with the knowledge of Canaris) had brought with him the latest British explosives, similar to putty (apparently, the prototype of modern plastids), and gave it to his adjutant Lieutenant Fabian von cod Shlabrendorfu background. March 13, 1943, when Hitler, having completed the inspection of troops of the central group, was going to fly home in East Prussia, one of the officers of Hitler's entourage Colonel Brandt, already at the airport approached Lieutenant von Shlabrendorf. On behalf of his boss, General von cod, he turned to his adjutant with Hitler innocent request: transfer to Berlin genshtabovskomu General Stief parcel allegedly with brandy. Brandt did not refuse.


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