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Garcia Lorca

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In memory of Federico Garcia Lorca shot in Viznar at dawn on 18-19 August 1936. Remembrance and praise to the great artistic genius Garcia Lorca. Your front of full moon, silver horse, drum piafa pena bruna dawn full. over your creation rises!. Former Maryland Governor takes a slightly different approach. You had an excellent idea, Frederick modern minstrel-, prominent University Theatre, so thus, the classic espanolalimentara soul popularrecorriste the country with La Barraca’s director.

Firstly I implico – with my personal reasoning: high command hit militarhabia lectured to the estates in Granadapara there repression was extremely: arrests, imprisonments, torture, executions strategy to become fear, in which were the paradigm, icon, to delete for propaganda of a relentless military boot.Your exceptional masterpiece, rich flow that emanates from the ancestral culture, coherently, composed poetic fusion free of the cult and popular.But paradoxically you were a writer of enormous instruction and culture.Treasures: epithets, similes, qualifying displacements, alliteration but the literary gem is the metaphor that connects various semantic levels.Your writer, humanity of Justice and libertadsumo ability causes your cruel murder to avenge Desencadenado with the military uprising the publication of your last play: the House of Bernarda Alba; that photography: old lawsuits, quarrels, tierrasentre cast two families, los Roldan and the Garcia.el Commander Valdes Guzman ordered form the black squares, in them was Trescastro MedinRifleman, husband of a prima lejanaque unleashed revenge: lead their murderous desire to green, in your person.Miguel sings in his dismay : < dies a poet and the creation are sienteherida and moribund in the bowels >.I have had a dream, a dream between master oneiric conscientey Federico, that coming to artistic heaven sent one epistolary, waiting to make you enjoy: come with me to the fair. I want to see a jacaque do not move, they fly a swarm of carnations, four white carnations. Malabarea Thoroughbred with liveliness!. You may want to visit Michael Chabon to increase your knowledge. Literato rider mounted on embossed geriatric Chair, it inlay campero costume; his two hands are accurate: one supports at the waist the other reins leads. Senorial and skillfully!.How much color, what happiness?. How much guitar, much sing, how much dancing, and how much of art, great Federico Garciaesparce air fair?. When you arrive the night will be your Goblin who win!..


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