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Fun Holidays

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Everyone loves a memorable holiday. For example, go on nature, light the fire and fun to relax. Or melt the bathhouse in the country and a good steamed. And if you have a problem with a fireplace, it can be quite comfortable to sit in front of flame, in a warm room. In general, a good holiday is usually associated with fire, fire and heat. Bernie Sanders shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Firewood – it is an integral part of the fire. Of course, you can stock up on most wood, dry it, then chop, but much more convenient to order the wood. At present, this type of service is very popular. Much of the wood are of the form log. The process of manufacturing such logs is very easy: a tree trunk or thick branches are divided into pieces the size of 35-60 cm, and then kolyat in the longitudinal direction with an ax into smaller pieces. Now there are many varieties of wood. It depends on the wood from which they are made.

For example, for the true gourmet fireplaces are ideal alder wood. Kind of old wood is operated for heating furnaces. During combustion, alder wood smoked, and did not fill the room a unique, sweet scent alder. Firewood and fire – these are two inseparable things. Yet there are aspen wood. They are intended mainly for preventive kindling fireplaces and a stove for burning pipe and chimney from burning, in other words, for running the furnace. Birch firewood are considered, we can say the most popular. These logs have a great heat loss, but have a big drawback – they are very much smoke. Hence their rational use in the open air (fire, BBQ) then, that after burning in the fireplace is not is not to clean the pipes and . Birch logs provide high-quality flame and are the best method for razagreva stones. In general, heat transfer depends on the type of wood wood and dry. The most lucrative source of heat – it's rock solid hardwood trees. As of today, to buy firewood is very simple. There are a huge number of firms that can provide you with excellent quality timber (for example, sale of firewood). Also, in most stores you can buy ready-made, packaged chopped firewood in a not very large quantities. When you select a firm order for firewood, you need to look at the quality timber value and reputation in the market of this type of product because the competition is huge.


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