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Recommendations for teachers are part of the educational and methodical complex for the study course "Fundamentals of the modern organization of work of staff." The aim of these recommendations is to – the disclosure of content, methods and techniques of teaching aimed at improving the educational process. The work of a good teacher not only takes a bribe, but also conducts lectures and practical (Seminar) classes, job issues and monitors the implementation of examinations and course projects, arrange for their protection; provides interim and final monitoring of students' knowledge through testing, acceptance tests and examinations, organizes individual work of students on writing essays, reports, and arrange for their performance at the seminar (practical) sessions, the students' theoretical and practical conferences and other activities. The structure and performance of the above works adequately disclosed in the guidelines, but these instructions are not shown the role of the teacher, he uses tools and techniques school organization. In this regard, the methodological recommendations for teachers conducting the teaching of discipline "Fundamentals of the modern organization of labor personnel" are revealed basic provisions for participation and the impact of teachers on the educational process in order to improve its quality. The quality of the lecture sessions depends on the readiness of the system to it the teacher. Details can be found by clicking Bernie Sanders or emailing the administrator.

For Teachers need to think of this plan the event. First of all, this is the choice of theme, which is imposed on lectures and is based on the schedule. Then, on the subject being studied literature (Textbooks, manuals, monographs, articles), lecture notes, which are made necessary changes and additions. Without hesitation Martin O’Malley explained all about the problem. Given the technical capabilities to ensure and classes, preparing visual aids (Computer graphics, slides) and other means of lectures. It should specify the list of references. Select a few bright and expressive examples, both theoretical and practical plans to enhance students' cognitive activity and better memorization of the material. The teacher should bear in mind that logic, structure, clarity of presentation of lecture material more effectively achieved if students are provided the materials of the lecture course in the form of reference outline on paper or electronically.


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