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Fear Of Being A Winner

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You already felt the fear to invade its soul, to speed up its heart, to paralyze its body, to hinder its action? If its reply it was yes, we have something in common, after all we are human beings and I am happy to be able to have the privilege to try the diverse types of emotions even though the Fear, therefore the problem is not what we feel, but what we make with our more diverse feelings. According to dictionary Fear is: terror, scare, terror and distrust. Winner is: that one that he wins, wins. I believe that Winning he is that one that he disputes, that not forward of storms. To be winning does not mean to be immune the difficulties, and or challenges, in contrast is that one that needs them to learn, to become better, not better that they outrem, but better that proper itself, that believes the overcoming of its limits, therefore Winning is that one that Wins on its proper limitations. It dominates what it, the Fear or the desire To be successful? It thinks in how many times we leave in them of locating in them, to risk, of as much others and others things, simply because of the fear.

I believe that we must know our enemy, it calls it for the name, to recognize its presence and not to allow that it dominates in them. We will know if the results will be positive or negative only to be risked. Then that let us can give steps in direction to its dreams, that be not stopped again, we go to more try and not to leave the fear to earn. Let us turn the game, let us trace new strategies, let us be focados in our objectives. Persevere! Persevere! Persevere and No have fear of being a WINNER!


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