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The adopted teaching initiative for this in case that it has been the partial and/or total refaco of the text from a individualizada orientation; To become the reflective text? the familiarity with the writing does not disclose a factor preoccupying, that is the almost total absence of reflection and criticidade before excellent subjects for story, being that the mere description of the told facts assumes a space of priority in its speaks and the text has Act character and not of academic report; Extration of the ideas central offices of a text? the support texts that serve of theoretical referencial to subsidize the speeches of stories are not assimilated to the light and coherence of the constant orientaes in disciplines that it guides the supervised period of training; Contextualizao of the stories with the quarrels defended for theoreticians of the area? the pupils do not obtain to relate the points that they authenticate as ' ' situations problema' ' in its stories with the reflection that the theoreticians claim concerning the thematic one in question; Personal Desmotivao and limitations? another preoccupying factor, is that one considered number of the pupils manifest insatisfao how much to the choice of the course, they support they make that it due to option and when they arrive at the stage of the supervised period of training if they feel more not motivated, a time that the obligatoriness of this experience demands the exercise of the practical e, for signal, this situation if more still accents, for the personal limitations in relation to the culture of the production writing; Not adequacy of the concepts and levels of the verbal language and writing, good how of the coloquial and cultured language? the familiarity with texts whose language centers a higher level of reading (of superior education, for example) is not a point that leaves to desire, therefore, in many cases, the observance on the expression level and the form as the boarded authors lead its speech if he becomes a crucial point for disciplines, being this one of the initial orientaes for the improvement of the writing, with ends to give endorsement for the form cultured, in way that not if sobressaia the problematic one of writing as they say (language vices, regional aspects that they affect the writing given the coloquialismos that they mark the communication forms contemporary, for example), a time that the written activity does not elapse of one lcus of espontaneidade as the said language, giving edge, therefore, to read, to reread and to reflect the writings before giving a definitive aspect for the text. John Mclaughlin recognizes the significance of this. .


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