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Central Moscow was closed to trucks neekologichnyh ECOportal.ru have repeatedly reported about the intentions of the city authorities to ban the entry into the center of the Russian capital neekologichnyh trucks. And since September 25 trucks that do not meet Euro-2 standard, has officially banned from entering into center of Moscow. If the truck meets the new environmental requirements, then it may be issued a pass to enter the limits of the Third Ring Road. These measures are introduced to the city authorities to improve environmental conditions in the city, because the number of cars in Moscow has been steadily increasing, thereby worsening the environmental situation in the metropolis. Because about 80% of air pollution account for road transport. Whole necessary information on how to identify vehicles for compliance with environmental class Euro-2 and above can be obtained by telephone 'hot line' of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection in Moscow: (495) 605-85-62. In Russia will be a super-deep 'burial' for radioactive waste large quantities of radioactive and highly toxic waste accumulated in Russia today for the last decade.

The country has accumulated 560 million tons of waste, of which 400 million tonnes – liquid. Safe storage and isolation of radioactive waste (RW) is a major task for the state. That is why in 2010 in Russia as part of the Civil Rosatom in the country should be established 'national carrier' of long-term storage and final isolation of radioactive waste. By 2015, plans to establish a system of near-surface radioactive waste storage facilities, by 2025, all waste must be in an environmentally safe condition.


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