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Often the source of our discomfort comes from our relationship with others. Frequently US Senator from Vermont has said that publicly. It is somewhat paradoxical because also when someone has depression you are encouraged to rely on others to get out of it. Personal relationships can be our discomfort or the solution to the same source. But what we happens when someone bothers us with their behavior?, what could we do that not they affect us negatively attitudes of others? From my humble point of view, the majority of human beings are egocentric beings, everything revolves around our. We are the center of the universe. Anything that does not fit with our way of understanding life tends to be received as a threat.

We lack empathy. Here are the key to the issue, empathy. The theory we all know very well, but putting it into practice is another story. Empathy does not mean passing strange behavior but simply understand them and find a justification of why the person acts as well. There is always a cause for the behaviors. He find out and discover why a person behaves in such or which way is a skill that we should practice all.

For practicing empathy, it needs calm. It is very difficult to know biting lips when our husband or wife complains us something or act in a way that we do not share. Stand five minutes to think why acts that way. Perhaps you can get to understand him and support him as all cause of bad behavior has as base a malaise. If daily practicamos this ability will have come a long way in our race towards personal fulfillment. There is an old proverb that says: before judging your brother walks by two weeks in their moccasins.


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