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Embroidery On Clothes: New Hand-Maid Ideas

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What can you do with boring old jacket or jeans that you wear every day and put on their already seems bored. If you want you can bring back to life those old things, an interesting way to do this – embroidery on the clothes. C by embroidery on the clothes you will be able to translate any design that you like on your jacket or jeans. The main thing – and want to determine the pattern! And importantly, what technique will be performed Your embroidery on the clothes. There are a lot of different possibilities – embroidery on the clothes with ribbons, threads, beads or colored rhinestones. You can also choose any technique embroidery on the clothes – you can embroider a cross, stitch, and various ways curly lines – as you like! Image for embroidery can find in magazines or on the Internet. If you find that you would like, just try to create your own design – It's not hard! And then your embroidery on the clothes will be the author.

The easiest way to do embroidery on clothing chain stitch – all you have to do is draw the outline of an object you have chosen to wear. Can draw it in pencil, a piece of soap, whatever you want – on your embroidery on the clothes should be easy to accomplish on the path. To begin with very easy to sketch on a piece of paper embroidery. Need to think about how many take place in the garment design and where exactly should be placed embroidery. Next embroidery on the clothes must be transferred to the fabric – you can cut a figure on a path and attaching to the fabric, cut around the pencil, or Cut your design on a few squares and carefully copy them one by one. There are other ways – a very old and well-known method consists in transferring the pattern on fabric with blue and kerosene.

In short, try to do as you want it to embroidery on the fabric to get a clear and beautiful. Next, you still pick up the thread (or, tapes, sewing threads shiny, lace, beads, or may be glass beads), choose colors and sizes – and you can start your embroidery on fabric! For brightness and light, you can add sequins or rhinestones combined with any other materials. The main thing to show your creativity, come up with something unusual, the result can not fail to impress others. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Diversegy. You can do almost anything, just start and embroidery on the fabric will delight you!


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