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Carrying the schools they must not have I tie religious yes respect to the idea and freedom of worship, but in the educational Center Searches carefully the children needs to make conjuncts before the meals, beyond moments of cult and of the activities related with the teachings of the bible. The majority of the item contained in the Project pedagogical politician respected the laws, but, however they were not fulfilled in the practical one of the institution. In the PPP it consists that the institution Searches carefully Conceives the child of an integrated form, where its cognitivos aspects were not dissociam of the affective, expressive symbolic emotivos and. It acts, thinks, feels and represents its experiences and same itself, establishing relations with the environment and human being. However we perceive that the activities developed with the children did not give to possibilities they, having as one of the main objectives, to work the fine motor coordination mainly and the promotion to basic education. We observe I serve as apprentice throughout it that the contaes of histories if only gave of inadequate form and being used book as resource thus not giving other possibilities the children. the activities of arts were worked, however only using mimeografadas activities where the children you had that to color or glue small balls of papers in a demarcated space already. Activity as Natural and social Sciences was simply not worked by the teacher during all period of serves as apprentice, what it took in them to perceive that the institution was not aiming at the integral development for the child, a time that were not worked the different areas of the knowledge. ahead of the above-mentioned facts we look for to elaborate the project intervention thinking about the playful aspects of the learning, searching to take care of to this imbalance of activities and fitting the same ones in the subjects that already were being developed in the school.


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