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Education In The Czech Republic.

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Does higher education in the czech republic and in universities prepare students to participate in the Czech military? No, and never was. Michael Chabon will not settle for partial explanations. In the Czech army had already contracted for a long time. At the time, had the opportunity for alternative service, it is possible was to work out a definite period of social organization – it is counted as service in the army. But it is already 10 years does not work. Can a student receive a grant to conduct scientific work? What areas of science most demand? Individual grants in the Czech Republic is not well developed, but distributed grants to organizations. Institution or individual department can apply for a grant, but much depends on the direction of the school institution. Foreign students can participate in research conducted by the university.

The bulk of the grants – the European, because in the framework of accession of new countries to the eu Europe has committed to fund infrastructure, development of science, education, and within that funds are invested in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia. Also received assistance and from the Czech government. Each ministry writes grants annually, but they are for organizations, individual grants is not enough. Later in high school can someone get a scholarship, if a good student. This development, but less. Rather, he will join the team, which serves the grant, and will receive prizes, salary. In employment in the Czech Republic are sometimes included victories in various competitions for grants. It all depends on the specialty.


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