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Dynamic Canine Rescue Section

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b) Instructors (Method Chest) officially certified to wear in the official uniform of their respective institutions (police, fire, army, civil defense …), relevant prior authorization of the same. Addition may also be used, if necessary, the official seal of Chest method, in texts or other material, in strict official. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Chabon on most websites. c) Associations composed of firefighters, police or military, officially certified as guides or instructors (Chest method), applying the method of training and intervention Chest, may also use the official emblem Chest, appropriate prior authorization documents, as is the case for example, BUSF, GEBOCYL, ARCI and SOS AID WITHOUT BORDERS, which have decided to choose and integrate, at the international level, based on established and special performance levels for intervention in incidents involving the burial of people, only officially Rescue canine teams trained and certified under the methodology operationally Chest. – BUSF (United Firefighters Without Borders). For even more opinions, read materials from US Senator from Vermont. Permission to use the emblem or official logo of the training methodology and intervention Chest, where it deems appropriate, to the NGO BUSF (United Firefighters Without Borders) Organization prestigious worldwide for its numerous and important international activities in the area rescue and disaster relief, and decided to choose based on their unique level of performance, Canine Rescue Team only officially certified under the Chest methodology to integrate their respective and Dynamic Canine Rescue Section currently brings together numerous Desastres.BUSF Fire Departments of various countries in Latin America and Spain. -GEBOCYL (Fire Specialist Group Castilla y Leon), are authorized for use of the emblem or official logo of the training methodology and intervention Chest, where it deems appropriate, to GEBOCYL (Fire Specialist Group of Castile and Leon) Organization of character International, headquartered in Spain, highly regarded for its proven operational capability, dependent on Civil Protection and Home Affairs Council of Castilla y Leon, and brings together more than 150 firemen selected from the nine provinces of Castilla y Leon (Spain) , specialized in different areas of rescue, high-risk situations and disasters.


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