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The electronic driving licence check is carried out either directly to the key cabinet or place unbound in the company or in external offices. The terms holders responsibility and holder liability in the sense of 21 para 1 and 2 HCP (driving test) make the equipped a large challenge. He must ensure, that his vehicle users in possession of a valid driving licence. The combination of electronic key cabinets and DTCO-terminal allows an efficient and economical control of processes for license control. With the help of non-readable and tamper-proof RFID label, you can perform a simple, regular and automated inspection at the DTCO Terminal. Reading the RFID label is electro-holding of a driving licence before the DTCO Terminal. The key cabinet or the specialized equipment releases until the desired key after successful electronic testing.

The validity of the driving licence can also automatically be monitored for truck drivers is limited to five years. The electronic key cabinet or the specialized equipment know the appropriate person on the necessary renewal of their licence and for 30 days. After the defined validity are locked and can be released only by the fleet manager. Documentation, evidence, and monitoring is done comfortably within the FLEET fleet system. Help you powerful analyses and reports. Customer-specific control forms can also be incorporated.

The electronic control of the licence requires the application of tamper – and counterfeit-proof RFID label on the driver’s license, as well as its association with the individual car users within FLEET fleet IN the system. Once applied to the licence the RFID label removal is destroyed, so that it is no longer usable. Thus, remove the seal and later reuse – even with disqualifications – prevents misuse. The Read the RFID label is electro-by simple holding of a driving licence before the DTCO Terminal. Evaluations and reports: Last check at the next check maturity in days overdue checks employee ID and name status driver locations on all mentioned parameters sotier-and filterable. The integration of additional custom reports is possible. A detailed documentation is available at online.


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