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You have to enter into the program ares (if you have many viruses and that? at least to me, never happened to me nothing on my computer or on my cell phone), or go to any page mp3 music, and download all the music you want and have it on your computer. Then to move music to the phone, you have to connect the USB cable from your cell phone to the computer with the cell including (if you don’t have cable, forget it, unless you want to pass it by Bluetooth, but that takes an eternity), and wait for the pc to recognize your cell phone. If not listed your cell expandable memory in the computer, is one, no expandable memory, you have two, you have to activate your cell mass storage mode, or three, simply the computer does not want to recognize your device. Once you see the expandable of the phone in the computer memory, you only have to drag the music from the pc to the expandable memory of your cell phone, in the music folder or somewhere else, but within the expandable memory. Then you disconnect everything, and grab your cell phone and look if you have the music in memory expandable of the phone, if you don’t have it is because maybe the file name is too long for your cell phone, if it is so, you have to return your phone to the pc to conet, and rename the file with a shorter. 1) Dilandau: This is a simple search engine that allows us to search for music, video and software.

As well as other alternatives, Dilandau shows their results from different sources like free hosting sites, motors searches, blogs, etc. and Stage6 also used for videos. We can say that the only search engine stands out for its simplicity and speed, also clear that this very updated, this page does not have many options (just listen to and download music to mobile). (2) mp3xd: another good alternative is MP3XD which is a very simple site where you can listen to and download music mp3 online, likewise shows us their results from search engines and has mobile version so that we can access from our BlackBerry and so download songs to the phone that you want.


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