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This parallel between the differential queos products and its medias had to take and the fine public intellectually eas raw materials that now occasioned the necessity of new forms decombinao and sources, can very equalize it well situation of the Design Grficona time. To take care of to one I number greater of production and impression, the custosmenores, attracting more attention, with resources in I begin of efcil legibility understanding, was that the conception of that it stops becoming modern, the DesignGrfico it would have to prioritize the sources initiated for the Art Nouveau, functional decaracterstica the graphical part, and was reinventasse not more abolishing the adornment eos ornaments, giving attention to the decorative one, and yes to the useful functionary and. When then the forms before organic and ornamental passama to be composed for figures of geometric character, the singularity of the lines eda visual clarity starts to be explored, and the colors take significadona new expression of the graphical part, appearing from there the principles of the estilosmordenistas that we will explore to follow. IV the INDUSTRY BURROW the MAN, OHOMEM BURROW the INDUSTRY the Europe of century XX, thanks to the advances tecnolgicosproporcionados for science, the industry, and the cartersociopoltico revolutions, as the change of the democratic systems, socialist ecomunistas, witnessed the changes that the industrial revolution brings aocotidiano of the individuals. Now ' ' produto' ' , ' ' maquina' ' ' ' indstria' ' eramtangentes at the hands of the same ones. They had cars circulating for the streets, rdiocomo media, and innumerable products manufactured in the houses. The technological progress, now visible, return-went entoinspirao pra the creative revolutions movements that would come to appear. Adopting the concepts of the movements predecessors, adaptando them they contextoem for it that the Europe if found now, but attributing also novascaractersticas, total related to the partner-technological environment that osincitara.


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