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Dangers Of The Armenian Myth

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Just recently published in the U.S. is interesting, especially to the Armenians, the book by American writer and journalist Michael Bobelyana "Children of Armenia." Of course, the book is devoted to what they called "Armenian genocide", "Turkish nationalism ", and is full of horrific details of the modern reader of historical events. This book is criticized in an American newspaper article The Washington Post. Armenians at the time were at the wrong time in the wrong place, says an influential American newspaper. The author argues against Bobelyanom, denying the Armenians in exclusivity and putting the "Armenian genocide" on a par with the destruction of Native Americans, European Jews and Rwandan Tutsi, about 800 thousand were killed in 1994 by representatives of the ethnic majority of Rwanda – Hutu. "Bobelyanu should be aware that if any ethnic group insists on the uniqueness of their suffering, the world will become more and more indifferent to the horrors of our day. So any book about the "Armenian genocide", or rather, any study of the phenomenon of genocide, should raise questions about the events that happen now. Otherwise, who would remember, for example, the Sudanese? "- Asks The Washington Post . If you have read about Star Guitarist already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

NK wants to be independent at all costs. The country has a president, but no country in the world did not recognize her, she wrote German newspaper Berliner Zeitung at the end of last month. Nagorno-Karabakh, the author continues the publication is on the border between Europe and Asia. It lived 140 thousand people, but the size is comparable to the area of Saarland, multiplied by two.


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