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Czech Republic

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If tourists come to the Czech capital a visit to museums is a must. This mind is not conceivable to go on vacation in the Czech capital and does not taste the least popular mug of beer? By the way, necessarily snack pork leg or potato flour tortillas, cabbage and savory roasted duck. Still, do not aspire to go into pubs, located in the heart of the capital. We assure you that the prices there will be high, the quality of the food mediocre, and beer – even tasteless. It is common practice: where you would normally eat tourist groups, there is suffering food quality and service. For this reason, we recommend You get to choose away from the district center – Prague 1 (center) and Praga2, start looking for a cafe in non-touristic area. Naturally, there are also in Prague, cheap bars, but these places are better to go on the recommendation of friends, who can answer for the excellent quality of food supplied to it and of course the beer from hops and malt.

Check for starters, who spends time at the bar. If the majority of the people of the inhabitants of Prague, and the restaurant menu is exclusively in their native language to you is very lucky! Such an institution will feed you with unusual dishes and a useful food, meanwhile you give all funny money. So for quite a large portion of food on two pairs you leave the same amount as if you ate sparingly together in Moscow. Glasses of beer – a decent, so it is better to not take a lot of dishes, because after the beer you just do not overpower it all! Beer (dark and light) in the small bars cold and tasty, but usually there is a small selection of varieties, the standard lager. The interior of it authentic, and very interesting. Work in bars, usually men! Residents of Prague and the provincials from the countryside prefer to take, as a rule, only beer, not eating, so the tourists eating serious food for a large sum, there weight in gold. The Czechs are always glad to see you, they are negotiating with no problems with you in Spanish, English, and also in Polish. Here you can relax during the meal by the fire in the cold Prague dusk.

Another great way out is to find a home with a beer tasting room and taste the alternately all available, types of beer: orange, cherry, mint, nettle, apple, coffee, raspberry, etc. Favorite grade ask him to pour with a poured in a beautiful bottle. You need to taste the Czech capital, a local brew – hearty drink, which brings with prunes on the bottom of the glasses. Instead of drugs tilt pile , because this infusion of herbs from Karlovy Vary has been famous for its holdings of medicinal properties. Good luck Travel to Czech Republic!


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