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Me is It is important to emphasize that teamwork plays a particularly important role during the construction of a vessel. All departments are part of the team that you can compare with a movement: all wheels, no matter whether large or small, work hand in hand. We take as an example the televisions in the rooms: A team brings a TV in every cabin, the safety team monitors, that all work in compliance with the safety regulations-are always top our policy – be performed. A team of technical department checked all outlets in the cabin and in turn. Another team installed the device and installed the maps for the interactive mode. The Costa Fascinosa features state of the art television technology, thanks to which our guests can receive a large number of channels.

At first glance, this process seems to be quite simple. But considering that 1508 passengers and 601 crew cabins must be equipped, is clear that it is a really extensive operation. How long does it take Establishment of a ship? We go two months before the ship christening on board. We are a group of colleagues who are moved by the same enthusiasm and motivation, which culminates in the Zerschellen of the bottle of champagne on the ship’s hull at the christening. It is only a brief moment in which it holds its breath, and then the new Costa Cruises, the ground and cabin crew, step by step, plank to plank has tracked the emergence of the vessel there is… in that brief moment, the Costa Fascinosa presents the world of Costa. Every little detail helps ensure that the new ship in its full elegance shines. Can you tell us of an experience from the establishment phase? Yes, I can tell by the arrival of the chairs: 1800 chairs for the restaurant – which means that 1800 chairs in the rooms around-, 1325 sunbeds and 1508 chairs for the cabins.


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