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The grand number of plants brought into the wondrous gift of nature to people. Aloe is one of them. More than five epochs all people use its healing and rejuvenating properties. Surely in every building you can find one of the many subspecies of this plant – agave. Perhaps, in any building you can find one of the various subspecies of this plant – aloe. It is classic pharmacy for every hostess: a few drops of concentrate to help with fever, pain in the back and joints will remove the infusion, wound or burn, miraculously heal a cut leaf of the plant. Agave – a collection of biologicheskiaktivnyh substances: amino acids, salicylic acid, monosaccharides, Vitamins A, B and C.

In the natural environment, there are about two hundred varieties of this cactus, but, in fact, Aloe Barbadensis Miller, Aloe barbadensis, Aloe Linnaeus or Aloe, nature bestowed miraculous performance is very generous. Agave grows in tropical areas of Asia. If you translate this from Latin name means "true aloe." Healing as a jelly juice is extracted from the leaves of the prickly cut diva nature. At first glance, like Aloe Vera true cactus, but actually belongs to the family, "Lily." Longitudinal leaves with a shiny surface and protruding spikes – otrostochkami in some cases 70 cm and weighs 1.2 kg. The color scheme leaves of aloe vera is very varied from grayish to bright – green.

Flowering time agave falls in early spring, then bloom on stalks yellow or red flowers. Keeping the moisture inside, closes the bush outside the pores, and through it remains alive during the long dry winds. When aloe leave without soil, it will be vseravno using juices, concentrated in the leaves. Aloe is a natural antibiotic and has very strong anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral effects. The most successful properties of aloe vera cosmetics handed in his company NWA. NWA company offers a wide selection of cosmetics Blue Nature, established on the basis of the juice of aloe vera plants are amazing. Private doctors say that Aloe can be dangerous for people who are predisposed to develop tumors, even as it has the properties of biological stimulator. We must know that this effect is inherent in individual plants 'aloe tree', namely in the skin. Products with aloe Barbadenis is not biologically active stimulant, and, taking into account that applies only to the core of the sheet, then the danger is not worth arguing. People aloe keeps a firm position. Aloe heals tonsillitis, bronchitis, and besides the intestines. Outdoors the plant is used not only in dermatology and cosmetology, but also with various injuries, and even sports.


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