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Construction Of Pond With A Waterfall

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Decorative pond – a magical spot where you can feel her divine beauty, plunge into the magic of water, filled with her power, will bring peace to your soul and the comfort of your home. Produce an artificial pond, ornamental artificial pond or stream of all shapes and sizes using the unique technology of waterproofing of the 'liquid plastic' will help the company "Radio Ready". At your request, experts will create a decorative waterfall alpine slides, install the necessary equipment for an artificial pond (pumps, filtration systems, etc.), will decorate your pond with colorful lighting, garden fountain and a remote control system. "Liquid plastics – durable multi-material product of the latest technology, which has been used successfully in the northern regions of Russia in the construction of hydraulic and other structures are in contact with the aqueous medium (Dams, bridges, etc.). "Liquid plastic" allows you to make waterproofing artificial pond of any shape, regardless of its size, because applied in liquid form and after curing forms a tough coating which has no folds and seams. This is the main advantage of this material in comparison with pvc film and rubber tires. This material is an adhesive composition, which strengthens the bottom coating reservoir (stones, tiles) at any angle slope, and the color helps to create a neutral color palette combined with any bottom surface.

Technology for creating waterproof bath reservoir involves layering material with interlayer reinforcement and drying, which increases the strength of the generated surface. After drying, the material becomes plastic, it does not allow him to crack and break. It is absolutely harmless material that can even have contact with drinking water. With proper use of filtration systems provide minimal education silt particles on the bottom of the pond. Such technology allows the use of waterproofing pond for bathing, breeding of aquatic plants and fish. Company 'Ready Radio "uses a variety of coverage of natural and artificial stone, which is well secured to the bottom and banks of ponds, streams and cascades through adhesive properties of the 'liquid plastic' to your pond, cascade, alpine garden with a waterfall or stream decorative look more natural and fits into the landscape. Our experts are ready to organize space around the reservoir, to prepare for this special project and implement it together with its partners – companies, known in the market landscape design.


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