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Your cost?, Better not talk. But it appears that came the "cousin" to cover … But these days we talk about potholes (and have had 13), cracks (it has lost count), to stop the movement of other rail lines (not sure few days will not be able to move those trains) and everything to do to get to Barcelona by train over a line, but Construction of this line is not for a train either, as many trains arrive. It's for a special train, where perhaps as two years ago the name of this line win an "L" and loses the "e", as happened with the line of Tarragona ("cousin" of Barcelona). Do not think, when I hear who say that the Catalan administration ("cousins" of managing the works of this line) also wants to participate in its management, and more with the background and curriculum that accompanies them and knowing that even necessary to make a tunnel close to the Sagrada Familia. " On second thought, it seems that much of the costs involved in the disaster of Caramel ("collateral damage") paid for the "cousin" and nothing happens here! …

Maybe so, without even having construction problems resulted from this line so special, they talk about how to cover the "collateral damage" that is causing its construction and more, knowing who they're going to pay … Although I remember when it was decided by this path, you knew it was the most expensive, most difficult of execution, and better connecting the affected municipalities. And surprise! … If memory serves me, the decision of the layout of this line so special, it seems that it was decided with the consensus of the four mayors of the municipalities affected, the Catalan administration and project managers, who by then there were "cousins" as they are now overseeing the construction management. Yes! I said: "Consensus" of all parties concerned, but now some residents do not trust their representatives, because they see the "cousins" are still lower taxes and there is every passing day plus expenses.


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