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Thereby, many professions promise an interesting and safe future no matter whether vocational training or in the academic career. Just biotechnology developing rapidly and plays an important role in many areas of our lives: for example, in the production of insulin, the diagnosis of cancer, the transfer of offenders or laundry. Naturally, we use more often bioengineered products without knowing, what brilliant ideas and often years of scientific work behind these developments. As the biotechnology industry is growing steadily, a growing need for skilled labour by biological and technical Wizard from Pharmakanten up to biochemists. At this year’s graduate Congress interested can find out therefore in the BIOTechnikum, what are the options available to them and what professional paths lead in the field of biotechnology. Discover, damming, the mobile experience world BIOTechnikum opened understanding on an area of more than 100 square meters on two floors and more than insights fascinating 100 square meters of space in the biotechnology and thus the smallest hidden us operations of life. How can biotechnology research help, to make more effective therapies in the future? How can positively affect our health food? Or: What are the prospects into the economic use of biological resources? Answers to these and many other questions will receive visitors in the ground floor of the bioengineering using topic displays, interactive exhibits and multimedia terminals. There are topics such as individualized or regenerative medicine, research into common diseases, medical technology, global food security and sustainable agricultural production in the Centre of the exhibition.

They show what are the prospects of biotechnology offers for our future. In addition, interested, for example, with the multimedia educational game can Bodymover”with gesture control navigate through a human or plant cells, the components of which meet and make their existing knowledge in a quiz on the test bench. The upper floor of the mobile experience world offers space for dialogue and discussion. In the biotech-cinema films also illustrate the various research and application aspects of biotechnology and enable a lasting impression of their bandwidth. Madlen Plettner press and public relations BMBF initiative


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