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In the book, Ricardo Semler tells us firsthand how it was changing the company he inherited from his father, to transform it completely, becoming a democratic company. Semco is a conglomerate that manufactures pumps capable of emptying a tanker overnight, dishwasher that can scrub four thousand one hundred plates per hour, mixers that made from mixtures of fuels for rockets up inflatables gum, cookies factories. When Ricardo Semler inherited the company, this was the typical company full of rules and pyramidal structure. Over the years, by his own conviction and the relationship with others convinced of the benefits of believing in the workers, has been doing changes, to get what he calls a natural company, based on democratic principles and without bureaucracy overload. The change you made is pass, according to the proposal devised by Douglas Mc Gregor in 1960, x – man theory rejected by nature work, and will try for Therefore, avoid it to achieve the objectives, is necessary to them, monitor them, threaten them and punish them in some cases – workers avoid responsibilities and show little ambition to Y: theory – employees see the work as something natural – workers are able to autodirigirse if they are committed with the objectives – the average worker accepts and even seeking greater responsibilities – creativity and ingenuity are not exclusive of managersall workers may have ideas and innovative decisions despite being more or less known theories, Ricardo Semler has had the courage to cope with all these changes, achieving greater productivity and more benefits, and keeping your company even in the turbulent years that lived Brazil in the 1980s and 1990s. Among the changes he made (some more radical than others, but in any case, quite unusual) can be cited:-Elimination of parking lots and dining rooms for executives. As a symbol of democracy, it eliminated these You prebendas, the first to reach Park where you want to. .


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