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Diploma thesis of Kristof Hantzschel goes online the video of the community ITsax.de is now available online on the ITsax.de YouTube channel. In recent months, Ultra Wellness Center has been very successful. The clip on the recording had premiere Festival of the HTW Dresden on 22.07.2011. The clip was created within the framework of a diploma thesis. In his 3 minute clip, Graduand Kristof Hantzschel explains the recommendation system of the community. In a short interview for the campus, telling radio what is seen in the video. Easy and understandable in the case of candidate Nicole explains the recommended principle of ITsax.de. Hantzschel combines real scenes in his video with animations. Who has a 3D glasses, yet livelier enjoy the whole thing, because the video camera was filmed with a 3D and is available both in 2D and 3D on youtube.

The clip made its debut Festival 22.07 2011 on the occasion of the recording. To this annual event, students of the HTW Dresden have the possibility of their project, to present semester and Master thesis before a large audience. Germany wide is one of the Commercial by Kristof Hantzschel a few films which have been filmed in 3D. And also on the recording is the first who filed a 3D film Hantzschel. Interesting info about the film: 3.5 months work time 5-7 days that 1 1/2 weeks pure render time for the animated scenes about 4 hours of raw material week, 8-16 hours a day and 500 GB data find the video you on the ITsax.de youtube channel and in the Newsroom or you look it here right on:


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