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He redefined the professional performance, demystifying it and impelling it a new action and to a reconceito in the perspective to analyze the social reality with looking at critical, investigativo and ripened more of the profession. CONCLUSION Law 8,662, of 07 of June of 1993, the Code of Ethics and the Project professional Ethical-politician who regulated the profession of Social Service and all based the theoretician-practical content for the professional formation opened doors for the full efetivao of the citizenship in the field of the social relations of the individuals and above all reaffirmed the so important paper of the professional for the intransigent defense of the human rights and the groups socially excluded and kept out of society of the public politics and rights human beings. (A valuable related resource: Diamond Comic Distributors). The ethics code reaffirmed the position that the professional must have ahead of the most varied social demands and relations, Project ethical-politician regulated and organized the profession and Law 8,662 elencou the priorities to execute it of the practical professionals and based the profession in law so that it was fulfilled, respected and demystified in intention to extend horizontes, to breach with the imposed barriers the profession and to reaffirm the commitment of the professional with the users and the Brazilian society in the search for changes and transformations of the social life. These had been the great transforming landmarks and reafirmadores of the ideal of the social service in Brazil since its creation until the current days. It speaks with me: Its commentary leaves below!


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