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Clothes For Dogs: Luxury Or Necessity ?

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We tend to think that fashion is to dress the dogs came to us recently, but there is evidence that she took back to the Renaissance. It is from this period include the first mention of that great ladies decorated their four-legged pets scraps in the form of bright kerchiefs. In the xviii century at the famous Madame de Pompadour had a whole bunch of small dogs. Among them, a lady stood out in particular two of his favorite, who sewed clothes in the same ensemble with the hostess. Clothing dogs, like dresses very lady, lavishly decorated with embroidery, lace and various precious stones.

Sometimes these boards for months to "feed" in its monetary equivalent family of the poor. But the dog wardrobe – is not only a fad. In many cases, wear your pets is a must. For example, in winter when there are severe frosts or piercing wind blows, small dogs (especially those that do not possess undercoat) is strongly cold. This can lead to colds.

Clothing is also required for older dogs, who feel chilly, even with a slight cold snap, a nurse – for the prevention of mastitis. In addition, our region, rain, slush and mud, unfortunately, common. And here, too, comes to the aid of clothing for dogs – it will protect hair from pollution and entanglement. Most often, for these purposes pets are buying practical and comfortable blankets and overalls, covering the back and abdomen: the lighter options for the off-season and winterized for frosty periods.


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