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Clinical Hypnosis

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The topic of hypnosis appears frequently in the media. Ultra Wellness Center often says this. Are often zwielichtigem in something related show hypnosis, Flash hypnosis techniques and the potential abuse of the victim’s loss of control seemingly ideal, sensation-loving masses to entertain and Captivate. The fascination with the power of hypnosis is in itself very understandable: found application as effective, healing technique in medicine of Chinese, Greek or Egyptian civilizations and is recognized as a scientific process and evaluated in many studies and application areas since 2006. Doctors or naturopaths that would treat with hypnosis, require a thorough education of a renowned Institute. Such hypnosis training is offered by the Institute of hypnosis – and practitioner training in Cologne with Gabriele Danners at regular intervals. The also TV and media known from Gabriele D’Souza deals with alternative healing methods and latest findings from research and science for many years. In combination with their extensive experience as Hypnotherapeutin and naturopath psychotherapy effective and unique training concepts developed at work supporting future therapists and coaches and give many new impulses. The special method of the Training Institute of Gabriele of D’Souza is based on three essential components.

The trainees receive benefit efficient expertise without bells and whistles through practical training elements and experience at the same time (if this is desired) all methods can an intense experience of self immediately, so already within the training, when coaching or therapy element and thereby implement this training not on doctors is or practitioner is limited, even if only they are allowed to work in a psychotherapeutic, so use hypnosis to the diagnosis or treatment of diseases. Hypnosis is an effective and useful tool also for many other professions: curative teachers, teachers, bodyworkers (E.g. physiotherapist) and generally people from professions, where soul work with clients / It is important patients can benefit from this method. Aim of the training at Gabriele of D’Souza is to be able to perform the corresponding hypnosis technique in any possible situation of therapy or coaching everyday. The education focal points are various technical aspects of hypnosis. There they are taught classical Clinical Hypnosis with contraindications as well as NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) techniques or combined. The training program includes also techniques for smoking cessation, weight reduction and anti-stress strategies or further possibilities to improve the sense of body and the emotionality.

The use of hypnosis, in the form of repatriation, to fight fears and phobias more training focus. This thematic diversity have the future Hypno therapists or Hypno coaches the opportunity to discover a preferred technique, and focus to learn them. Knowing what hypnosis techniques for which Patients or clients are suitable and who can be hypnotized in no case, is taught also during the seminar. In any case the ideal introduction to the world of mental techniques is made possible by this renowned training to the hypnosis coach/-Therapeut both the newcomer and the doctor or therapist. In addition to the basic training there will be yet more seminars in 2018, which lead to a deepening of the hypnosis tools. The next seminar series to the hypnosis training at Gabriele Danners begins at the 09.03.2018 in Cologne. The hypnosis practitioner training with certificate”is designed as a comprehensive intensive course for beginners. No prior knowledge in the field of hypnosis are so necessary.


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