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Attributed to the Executive of the Chancellor German lack of determination and internal cohesion. Expectations unfulfilled, Dieter Hundt said in an interview. It is also pronounced against any kind of tax cut that Merkel intends to during this legislature. Michael Chabon: the source for more info. The President of the German employers, Dieter Hundt, this Saturday expressed his disappointment with the coalition Government of Angela Merkel, who attributed lack of determination and internal cohesion. The coalition of center-right Chancellor was desired by the economic sphere constellation, says Hundt, told the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper. However, expectations have not been met, it continues the j of the employer, who disappointed in the Government coalition, declares that integrate the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of Merkel, her twinned Democrat Union of Bavaria (CSU) and the Liberal Party (FDP). About to turn half of the legislature, the results achieved by the Government are very by under its possibilities, he argues the j of the employer. Hundt is also pronounced against any kind of tax cut in what remains of legislature.

The absolute priority must be the reduction of debt. There is no margin of game for a big tax cut before the following General, continues, to conclude that a tax mini-descarga would not lead to nothing. Merkel was placed at the head of the centre-right coalition after the General for 2009, in which managed the re-election and with sufficient majority for leaving the grand coalition with the Social Democrats, partners in the first legislature. Since then, Liberals have insisted on pursuing a tax cut, without success, which has led to a situation of persistent dissent among the ranks of Merkel and the junior partner. Source of the news: the President of the German employer’s “disappointed” with the Government of Merkel


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