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Choosing A Kitchen

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If you have previously kitchen as a place solely for the cooking, the kitchen later became the center of the house. Here, not only to eat. It took guests were sincere conversation, relaxing after work. And although today again come into fashion living and dining rooms, a kitchen does not lose its value. Writer has firm opinions on the matter. Therefore, the selection of furniture for the kitchen – an important step in creating a unique design of your hearth. Before proceeding to the selection of furniture, you need to do choice of functions to be performed by the kitchen area: whether it will be a dining area or just a room for cooking.

Then you have to portray a test plan for setting furniture. Typically, the value of units kitchen and household appliances are standard. You can stock up on list with dimensions and consider a few options placement of furniture. Kitchens are angular, linear, and the letter ‘P’. Understand, which will open the door, what height will be mounted boxes. You will definitely find your own version. Importantly, remember that furniture should be in proportion to the cycle of cooking, that is something like this: a refrigerator, and maybe, closet storage products for desktop preparing food, washing, cutting table and stove.

Once you have decided on the layout, the time to come to the front of his choice of kitchen units and other items of kitchen furniture. There is a ‘classic’ Furniture Kitchen: fully made of natural solid wood shades such as ‘cherry’, ‘oak’, ‘pear’ or ‘nut’. For such furniture is typical low-key ‘heavy’ design. Cuisine in the style of ‘modern’ – a smooth model, visible colors, interesting design, the same ‘sparkle’. Hi-tech style is modern, style and functionality, and at the same time, the impression of weightlessness structure. Typically, such effect is created by light materials, saturated colors fronts, boxes of frosted or clear glass. With regard to the materials from which produced kitchen furniture, in general, there are 2 ways. First – it is chipboard panels, plastic-lined, or in extremely expensive version, fine wood veneer. However, the ADI – not the best material. Firstly, it is imbued with different pitches, so it is not environmentally friendly, and secondly, did not live long. Therefore, an alternative to the kitchens of the CPD dishes are made of MDF – they do not contain harmful formaldehyde and are characterized by high wear resistance. Special attention when choosing a kitchen countertop should be given, in fact it will most often subjected to mechanical Effects. It should be quite thick, strong and covered with a special moisture-resistant coating. In this situation, the table top will serve you long life. Be sure to check the quality and loops and canopies. An important and will assessment of the functionality of the interior of drawers and cabinets. If you determine that the kitchen really is quality, then you will only decide on the color scheme of the space and prepare it for Health!


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