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China Travel – Visit To The Middle Kingdom !

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For many centuries, this traditional country attracts great attention. When Europe was still in the Middle Ages, the country already had water, beautiful silk clothes and the wisdom of Confucius. To which country is it? Of course, to China, the Middle Kingdom. China is one of the most mysterious countries, which may welcome millions of tourists annually from around the world. What awaits us on a China tour? Nature lovers should visit the island of Hainan.

This is the only island in China with a tropical climate, so they got the name "Hawaii of the East". Hainan provides an incredibly clear sea and massive volcanoes that are with you a lasting impression. Even Hong Kong is an experience – Chinas.Vielleicht an impressive city in the south-east is the only place where the East and the West such a diverse world have created. Hong Kong is a paradise for night owls. One must not miss the capital Beijing. The attractions are of course, world-famous sights: the Old Town and the former imperial palace, Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Square) or even a restored section of the Great Wall is located very close (at Badaling, 70 kilometers northwest of Beijing). Beijing is also changing.

The 2008 Olympics will be held in Beijing. Preparations are currently under way so that the venues are completed on time. Also worth seeing is the capital of the province of Gu? Ngd? Ng (also known as Canton province known), Guangzhou. Guangzhou will enchant you with the famous orchid garden. On the 8-hectare area, surrounded by rocks and artificial waterfalls, you'll enjoy 100 species of orchids. In the area there are also some colorful botanical gardens. All this is only a small part of what China has to offer. Welcome to China-the land of mystery, wonder, beautiful nature, health, and incredibly friendly people!


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