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Child And Foreign Languages. At What Age Begin ?

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Specialists answers to this question are contradictory. Language development in children is always individual, and therefore no single answer can not exist. The basic condition for the start of the course to study a foreign language with a child may is the fact that the basic communication skills in their native language have already been formed and had no problems with the differentiation of sounds does not arise. In most cases, the delay of the speech apparatus is characterized by difficulties in pronunciation of some letters of the Russian alphabet ("W" – "C", "F" – "W", "P" – "L"). Final formation of the correct pronunciation of sounds of the native language, right to construct phrases and sentences, can serve as a signal to that child is ready to study an additional language.

As a rule, to 4-5 years baby is quite prepared for the oral absorption of new material. Individual approach to each child, promoting a healthy interest and the use of his natural curiosity for these purposes will accelerate the learning process and make it more effective. The most effective form for the classroom with young children – play. Therefore, used for these purposes various children's funny poems, sayings, songs and short stories, lessons take place only in oral form. Specialists proved that early childhood memory of the child absorbs information like a sponge. Therefore, if the child's wishes to use this feature.

The choice of foreign languages, of course, will always be behind you, because in many cases the preferences of children are formed on the basis of tastes of their parents. It should be noted the need for constant repetition your child knows, because of the abundance of memorized information in this age of new words quickly erased from memory. If the parents or one of Parents already know a foreign language, it greatly simplifies the task. For a child the target language will be the second family, he intuitively able to understand the mechanisms for constructing sentences in that language, its linguistic features, will be on him to think and speak without much effort. But when foreign languages are only available through private tutors or courses, carefully gather all the information about the level of qualification of teachers. Formation of a mispronunciation in such a tender age is very difficult to correct later, the child may have problems with academic performance in school and college. Should warn against the error of some parents, for whom the question of mastering a child of foreign languages at an early age is simply a matter of prestige and the result of personal ambition. The fact that the person could not be reached in due time, they try to implement in its child. Do not make mistakes and do not spend such experiments. Do not push him against his will. An important criterion of quality learning material is, first of all, the willingness of the child and a keen interest in the subject of study. Therefore, Try to explain to him all the advantages of foreign languages, it may be communicating with you, or foreign cartoons. The important thing is that the child's health and the need arises for a successful occupations of interest to language. Good luck to you and your baby!


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