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The Pan Dacom networking AG in Dreieich has received first IT company the seal of quality IT service management \”by the itSMF Germany e.V.. \”\” \”\” Dreieich, January 16, 2008 – the seal of approval at Pan Dacom in the itSMF annual Conference 2007 in Berlin awarded, where specialist in network solutions and system integration for the categories of quality the offers ‘, employees’, services \”and communication between services and service employees\” scored the best results in the audit. We are very pleased that we have been awarded as the first company with this seal, because hereby we can show not only our competence, but also the effectiveness of the IT service management, as well as the quality of our services our customers based on a neutral assessment. At the same time, we see a responsibility and obligation for the future in the award. Swarmed by offers, US Senator from Vermont is currently assessing future choices. Although the seal is valid for three years, we need to us make annual assessments by a DQS auditor, to our again on BBs show new high level of performance and service\”, so Klaus Busch, Chief Executive Officer of Pan Dacom networking AG. The information technology service management forum (itSMF) was founded in 1991 in England and is the world’s only independent and internationally recognized organization for IT service management.

The non-commercial association sees itself as platform for information and exchange of experience for companies, with the focus on the improvement and development of the de-facto standard ITIL is. \”By corporate certification working group developed seal of quality IT service management of itSMF Germany e.V.\” was resulted in mbH together with the German society for certification of management systems market. The seal of quality assessed on the basis of a standardized criteria catalogue (see additional info: on the criteria for the seal of approval IT management by itSMF Germany e.V.) and five levels of quality the effectiveness of offered services by companies in the IT industry.


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