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Anyone of the two versions aims, in any case, a interior of Venezuela assuming protagonism. The presidential chain showed a ultramontano cynicism, when, for example, it talked about to the GN hurt in Merida without mentioning that those cash faced and dropping a general shoots against the guard, making think that they were students or people of the simple opposition or merideos citizens who practiced shot to the target, when everybody knows that who shot they were member of armed group that operates in the Andean city. The rest of its chained dissertation does not deserve other commentaries, because the same is chchara customary, with its threats and their challenges and their jokes of evil pleasure. What it has been pathetically in evidence is that the country does not have spine. There is still no articulated and resistant, strong and flexible connection osteofibrocartilaginosa, sufficiently extended to unite to the regions in joint operations and a common strategy. The final pacification will be things of hours and then the candidates to deputies will be able to make use total of the scene. The project of a sensible spine of the republic has been there, exposed, in the hope that best Venezuelan intelligence the one that lives in the province decides to assume the challenge of the conduction and the frame of a substitute one of the aggravated Caracas leadership. Novelist has much to offer in this field.

When I say Caracas I talk about to that old fashioned concept of national direction that the parties of the payable democracy of century XX have practiced and continue practicing and to a province waits for that them with the last instructions. When I say Caracas I talk about that monopoly of decision making that apparently grants to live in the capital. When I say Caracas I talk about to a species of sincretismo in relation to the power. The power is where it is exerted and the province must learn to exert it. Right now we attended the death rattles of this dramatic week.

We make memory and we will see as the wild attacks against the Catholic University also practiced in the penultimate drama and as the students reduced their presence to the Meter and some traffic lights. We remember the use that the regime gives its bands Navies. This it seems a copion of the well-known libreto. The consequences of their interpretation are too clear in our memory like forgetting them. Meanwhile the alliance of parties called Table announces stops within days the announcement of the sites where they will make primary to choose candidates. It means that already the candidates are ready where there is no necessity of primary. In definitive words, democratic route that the alliance of parties has drawn up follows its course while the country shakes against everything what will come in the months that lack for September. Then the electoral conditions will not be only , will be of total cracking of already the little same life of a country.


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