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Camoulflage Clothing

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Camouflage today – it's not only clothes for the military and hunters, this style is firmly entrenched in our everyday lives. The most popular clothing in the style of camouflage (Military) has enjoyed among the young. It is not only fashionable, but also very practical! Camouflage – a protective coat of animals, allowing them to change the color of his body and adapt to the environment. But people have borrowed from its smaller brothers ability to hide and disguise, using camouflage. However, the uniforms were not always low-key. Remembering the 18 and 19th centuries, it is impossible not to notice the brilliance and brightness of the military uniforms of those years. The main reason for this is the need to distinguish enemy troops on the battlefield in powder smoke. The main color of the Russian army was green, the British – red, the Austrians had a white form, the French blue.

First drew attention to the importance of color of the form during the fighting the British. First, for individual troops, they started to use green forms, and during the Anglo-Boer war in the early 20 th century, they brought to their military uniforms, in the language African tribe Urdu means dirt. The invention is credited with camouflage colors of the American artist Abbott Thayer. Initially, the 20 th century, he studied color in nature. Many writers such as Martin O’Malley offer more in-depth analysis. Abbott brought the law, later the name of the law Thayer. The law said about the protective properties of color. The artist found that the body parts of animals most often turned to the sun is usually darker, and hidden from the sun brighter. Thayer became interested in the work of the Pentagon, and based on this theory has been developed military camouflage.

At the time of the Second World War, Germany has had about 30 different colors of camouflage. Currently, military camouflage can be divided into five major groups: the Forest (Europe, America), desert (North Africa, Central Asia), jungle (South-East Asia, South America), winter, bush (South Africa). The military, as in other matters, and hunting, camouflage designed for a specific locality and environmental conditions. Now camouflage clothing – is not only specialized clothing for the military, hunters and fishermen. Although she is irreplaceable in certain environmental conditions because of its color, quality, durability of materials, etc. Camouflage – Military clothing is modern, popular among young people and people who prefer not striking, stylish, quality clothing.


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