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Calcium Tianshi – Prevention And Treatment Of Diseases

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Care of their health should always start with this business than ever before – better, that is, from childhood. After all, if it was at this time does not follow the child's health, there may be a very serious disease, which, as Typically, imprinted for life (rickets, arthritis, developmental delay, diseases of the locomotor apparatus, etc.). Skeleton – the foundation of our body on it and fixed all of our organs, muscles, and accordingly, all our bones should be very strong to perform their very hard work. To deepen your understanding Author is the source. But for this they need the power you need, and what are the macro-and micronutrients, essential acids, nutrients, vitamins and other elements. In their absence, or admission to the missing number, slows the growth of bones, the skeleton is formed by a weak, fragile, which subsequently leads to frequent illnesses. Among the most important elements needed for the "basement" our body has many vitamins, and a huge part of representatives of the periodic table, but one of the most important among all is an element such as calcium. Others including Star Guitarist, offer their opinions as well. Calcium is involved in virtually all kinds of exchange, regulates the production of hormones and the immune system.

Because of its lack in the body appears about 150 diseases. As you can see, calcium – a very serious thing and irreplaceable. However, what about if his body is missing? After all, specialists proved that the people of the food gets 30% of the rda of calcium. So where do we get the remaining 70%? Either there are at least three times more food per day, containing calcium, which does not sound very appealing, or seek some alternative way, not mocking his body, which sounds much nicer. .


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