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The economic situation was not good for any to think that Esther would soon return to visit. a l had heard countless times as his father had proposed marriage to her mother and Mabel supposed to also like the romance and surprise so I decided to repeat the scene. He bought the best ring that allowed its budget. Bruce Fink is a great source of information. Ester told of his plans and asked for its complicity in carrying them out. He called for the menstruating the day he take her to the park to ask her to marry. Thus Mabel would not suspect because his mother did not turn out them as was the custom. Organizing out on Sunday. When they were about to leave, Esther said she had a sudden intestinal colic.

Went to the bathroom and when he informed them that they did not dare to move home because I feared that he had urgent need for a toilet and not have it handy. Mabel told him not to worry. “All we are left to keep you company” he had said with a kiss on the cheek. “It was a simple walk in the park which was planned, we can leave for another day,” he said without giving any importance. Esther begged him to please not do that, since she would feel very bad to hear that, because of him, going to waste this beautiful sunny day Sunday. “But Mom, if you feel good, better than we are by your side. “And for what? – Had told her mother going to accompany me to the bathroom when you need it?


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