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The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) is one of those books you read and reread again and again and each time you do have more depth and meaning to your life. For more specific information, check out Michael Chabon. This book ends up being a guide, a complete course of meditation and realization. From my point of view is a book with the power to change lives and awaken us to fully understand who we are. Learning to live the present moment can become the first step to freedom from anxiety, stress and worrisome thoughts that often overwhelm us. I have met many patients (in the clinical context and organizational) who spend their lives running away from this, regretting that they thought about the imaginary lives of fulfillment and happiness fill, but never were.

Often the solution is looking overseas, in material things we think are going to give meaning to our lives, but I can assure you that in many cases, even if you won the lottery, that feeling of emptiness and anxiety about the This is not going away because the problem is not outside, is within us, and therefore changes must occur both internally and from there if you start building out. The anxiety that comes a better future and regrets about a past that we have enjoyed, they become a very bad stage for feelings of depression, frustration and anguish came over us. Tolle's message is the same as Christ and Buddha taught: it can reach a state of enlightenment, of spiritual realization, here and now. It is possible to live free from anxiety, suffering and even the neurosis of everyday life. To achieve this we need only come to understand that what causes our problems are not other people (or our spouse or our children, colleagues or bosses at work), or the "outside world", but our own mind, constant flow of thoughts about the past and the future. My recommendation is that you give the opportunity to see life with new eyes and begin to enjoy the true power of now.

Rejoice and enjoy what you have (a little or a lot) and thanks for the simple fact of being alive. Do not waste your days thinking and cursing as you think you need. Become an observer of your situations without the negative value judgments are present ("this is unbearable", "I can no more", "that I should not be happening to me", etc.). This simple change of attitude will help you to be calmer (a), quiet (a) and your ability to enjoy life to develop fully. If you want to know more about this subject and others in psychology, or want to get a personalized online consultation and free joins.


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